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How To Be A Truly Good Person


What does it take to be a truly good person? An easy and simple answer is not hurting other people and doing good deeds to help others, especially by giving to charity. Yet, being a truly good person is harder than it seems. It’s more than avoiding doing the things that you know are wrong. In fact, that’s the easy part. The harder part is knowing how to do good deeds well. There are millions of charities out there. Some charities are hundreds of times better than others at doing good by addressing suffering and increasing flourishing around the world. By making a donation, you are using your money to produce a certain amount of “good” in the world, and via donating to a less effective charity, you are doing less good and thus are not being a truly good person. So how can you be an effective donor and do the most good? This video shows the way to do the most good per dollar and be a truly good person! Share this article with others to help them be truly good people as well!

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