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The Awesome Tom Bagshaw

Artist on Tumblr / Facebook / Behance

Here is an artist with his own drawing style. Tom Bagshaw is a professional English illustrator based in Bath and has created artwork for many clients in the world of fashion, advertising and in the press. Fantasy, beauty and mysticism mingle in his creations.

Quercus 10 by StormQuercus is characterised by open, yet a...

Quercus 10 by Storm

Quercus is characterised by open, yet a little bit condensed drawing with sufficient spacing so that the neighbouring letters never touch. It has eight interpolated weights with respective italics. Their fine gradation allows to find an exact valeur for any kind of design, especially on the web. Quercus serif styles took inspiration from classicistic typefaces with vertical shadows, ball terminals and thin serifs. The italics have the same width proportion as upright styles. This “modern” attitude is applied to both families and calls for use on the same page, e g in dictionaries and cultural programmes. Serif styles marked by “10” are dedicated to textual point sizes and long reading. The sans-serif principle is rather minimalistic, with subtle shadows and thinned joints between curved shapes and stems. Quercus family comprises of the usual functionality such as Small Caps, Cyrillics, diacritics, ligatures, scientific and aesthetic variants, swashes, and other bells & whistles. It excels in informational and magazine design, corporate identity and branding, but it’s very well suited for book covers, catalogues and posters as well.


Andrew Carney is a young printmaker who studied in San Francisco...

Andrew Carney is a young printmaker who studied in San Francisco and is now living in Salt Lake City Utah, His work explores his own photography and how it can be translated through an array of different printmaking processes. Check out his other work at and also @andrewcarneyart on Instagram.

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Coffee Universe Flora Borsi “Have you ever noticed how beautiful...

Coffee Universe Flora Borsi

“Have you ever noticed how beautiful can be the Coffee? I was wondering about the basic rules of Nature. Our common sight of the World. I’ve created something that is different than what you’ve seen so far. This is my Coffee Universe.”

Stunning Photo Manipulations By Indian Artist Anil Saxena on...

Stunning Photo Manipulations By Indian Artist Anil Saxena

on Behance

Anil Saxena … well, let’s say he’s different. He started out doing conventional darkroom photo composition and retouching before moving these skills over to creator and then photoshop. Having moved to Mumbai to work as an illustrator he became interested in retouching as a way to utilize his eye for creating striking imagery. Drawing from his technical background in graphic design, CGI and his trained creative eye, Anil enjoys developing stunning imagery.

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