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Illustrations by Aurora LiondA l tumblr l INPRNT

Illustrations by Aurora Lion

dA l tumblr l INPRNT

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Typography and lettering sketches vol. III by Björn Berglund

British Watercolorist  - Alexander Creswell Alexander...

British Watercolorist  - Alexander Creswell

Alexander Creswell (born 1957 in Helsinki, Finland ) is an internationally celebrated artist known for his extraordinary fluency and technical skill in watercolour and his remarkable ability to capture ‘the spirit of place’.  He is best known for the large series of watercolours commissioned by the Royal Collection to depict Windsor Castle after the Fire and Restoration in 1993 & 1997 respectively, published as a book “Out of the Ashes”. He is also known for his ground-breaking watercolours on a grand scale - the biggest ever painted.  Throughout his career he has received critical acclaim for his watercolours establishing himself as foremost in architectural painting and in recent years he has achieved huge success with his marine paintings alongside his more familiar architectural work. Creswell exhibits regularly to critical acclaim in New York, London and the Dubai.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us.

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Meticulously Patterned Tiles of Casper Kang Casper Kang draws...

Meticulously Patterned Tiles of Casper Kang

Casper Kang draws inspiration from the corpus of traditional Korean imagery, reinterpreting & presenting the history of his mother culture as a formal recollection of an alternate past. The Canadian-born, Seoul based Architect-turned-painter’s attraction to the cultural legacy of Korea could very well be described as a child-like fascination that is remarkably uninformed & impartial. His formal intent is objective rather than interpretive, resulting in a detached view towards what the images in his work might traditionally signify or represent. He appropriates & alters (sometimes beyond recognition) traditional Korean imagery in an attempt to create virtual possibilities of his cultural heritage from a perspective that is both antiquated & modern, outside of the restraints of convention or history.
*Source: Opiom Gallery

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