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Haunting Porcelain Busts by Juliette ClovisAt first glance,...

Haunting Porcelain Busts by Juliette Clovis

At first glance, Juliette Clovis’ porcelain busts are striking, peculiar, and, to some, quite possibly grotesque. However, the interweaving of flora, fauna, and  spikes into her busts create a wonderfully bizarre and beautiful series of art work. I found myself enveloped by her spiked-adorned busts, entranced by the gold tips that conveyed a sense of beauty, danger, abnormality, and vulnerability. 

Drawing on the female identity, as well as the representation of women in contemporary society and its history, the French artist creates busts of the female form that transforms into hybrid beings. Her use of cut-up butterflies, birds, vegetables, as well as her use of spikes, help bring to life her vision of the female identity. For more of Juliette Clovis’ work, follow her on Instagram

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