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crossconnectmag: Michał Janowski is a 30 year old Polish-born...


Michał Janowski is a 30 year old Polish-born artist residing in the United Kingdom.

He moved to Scotland in his early twenties and coincidentally ended up living right next to the Glasgow School of Art. He later attended the University of East Anglia and graduated with a certificate in Visual Arts. However, his love of creating began long before his classical training:

“I remember very well that I was constantly drawing something as a child. It was the purest form of fun as I could do whatever I wanted. The ‘’real toys’’ were fine but they were already made if you know what I mean.”

Michał’s creations display an abundance of different emotions and techniques. His unique ability to blend realistic elements with unearthly visions that seem to be straight out of nightmares makes his pieces not only aesthetically fascinating, but also a bit perplexing.


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