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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

A Crocodile vs a Shark (5 pics)

You don't see it too often.

10 Of The Most Shocking Deaths In WWE History (10 pics)

Wrestlers have a very tough lifestyle. They punish their bodies in order to entertain millions and it cuts down their life expectancy big time. So many wrestlers have died too young and these are the most shocking deaths in WWE history.

The Blackline : Ultimate Urban Utility Bicycle by Team CHI

After designing and developing for months, MNML x Method Bicycle (Team CHI) has released The Blackline , an ultimate utility bicycle especially designed for Oregon Manifest Bike Design Challenge. The design of this urban vehicle was inspired by the City of Broad Shoulders, it carries a spirit and ready for just about anything. The name itself was taken from Chicago’s iconic elevated train lines that run non-stop throughout the city because this bike will give you the freedom to get anywhere in between. It’s tough yet refined, the design has been carefully thought to make it just the ideal for cyclists or urban city dwellers. Designers : MNML and Method Bicycle (Team CHI) for The Bike Design Project This bike boasts custom Helios smart handlebar with integrated LED headlight and side blinkers that utilize GPS enabled turn-by-turn navigation, it keeps you safe while navigating urban grid. When you reach your destination, the location of your bike can be securely tracked using a c

Forest House by Garret Cord Werner

Garret Cord Werner have designed a contemporary home near Vancouver, Canada. Project description The architecture & interiors of this new home design by Garret Cord Werner represents a high quality of new construction on a modest budget. Over 20 ft. high concrete walls frame the dramatic entry into the home that features a floating open riser staircase. The home was designed to maximize light & to make one feel as much a part of the forest surrounding the home as possible. Oversized sliding glass doors & clear story windows are used to reinforce this inside-out relationship to the garden. Upstairs, a signature feature of our work is what we call a sky garden. This is an exterior garden that is enclosed & open to the sky. It provides a private green space & a wonderful light filled experience that is not expected on an upper floor. Design: Garret Cord Werner Builder: Werner Construction Photography by Benjamin Benschnei

Waiatarua House by Hamish Monk Architecture

Hamish Monk Architecture designed the Waiatarua House in Auckland, New Zealand. Project description The brief was for a new house on a challenging, steep site in a bush clad creek gully. One of the design challenges was to insert a bold intervention into a sensitive bush reserve whilst still maintaining a sense of modesty and poetic. The house was designed for a couple in their mid-sixties who had always wanted a house surrounded by nature though not far removed from city life – a place or respite from the speed of city life. Conceived as a series of sculptural components, the design plays on purity and scale of the program articulated through three simple elemental forms that step down the site towards the creek – the roof of one floor creating a level platform for the next. The exterior is black stained timber and appears as a dark silhouette behind the veil of green foliage provided by the trees. The design intentionally does not try to compete or mimic the wi