Sunday, November 2, 2014

20 Bands You Probably Didn't Realize Were Christian

Lifehouse is not often vocal about their faith, but lead singer Jason Wade is a known Christian and several songs reference the impact of Jesus in his life such as "Breathing" and "Everything."


Anberlin has stated on numerous occasions that they are indeed Christians but wouldn't classify their music as Christian rock. Despite this, they are often labeled as Christian rock, interviewed in Christian magazines, and even play in Christian music festivals. might be a Christian band, Anberlin.


It's not hard to see that U2 consistently puts Christian and Biblical themes into their music. Most of the songs on their album, "Pop" talk about wavering faith, and Bono even addresses Jesus directly.


Switchfoot is often referred to as a Christian rock band; their albums are still distributed to Christian retail outlets through Sparrow Records/EMI CMG, their songs are featured on Christian radio and charts, they play at Christian festivals, and they are presented with Dove Awards (Christian music awards). The band has always philosophically disagreed with this label: "We're Christian by faith, not genre," Tim Foreman explained to Rolling Stone magazine in 2003.

Sufjan Stevens

This indie-acoustic act rose to prominence with his albums, "Michigan" and "Illinois." He is also a prominent Christian, goes to church every Sunday and is willing to openly discuss his faith with anyone who wants to know.


This is one of the few bands on this list that openly admits their faith and promotes it. Though the band has been noted for "setting precedent in both Christian rock and beyond", only a portion of their albums are sold in the Christian marketplace.


P.O.D., Payable on Death, has represented Jesus since their first album in 1994, Snuff the Punk. The band has unabashedly penned songs for Christ, and have spread their testimony every chance they had. The band's frontman is part of a ministry called the Whosoevers that goes around spreading the Gospel to youth around the country.

Mumford and Sons

This folk band has admitted that their lyrics are spiritual in nature and it's easy to see it in some of their songs. Their frontman's parents are even pastors in his home town.

The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers have emerged as a hugely popular cult band in the indie-folk world, and have been accepted as basically a secular act even though a lot of their lyrics are very clearly about their Christian faith, with songs like "Me and God" and "Through My Prayers," it's hard to deny their Christian influence.

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