Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Orrong Road House by Breathe Architecture

Breathe Architecture designed the Orrong Road House in Melbourne, Australia.









Project description

The sun and wind are channeled through the streets of this beach side suburb, deep into the plan of this once dark and damp Edwardian home. An oasis like space now waits at the rear of the old dwelling bathed in light and cooled by the sea breeze in summer.

By peeling away the former addition and reorientating the floor plan to maximise solar access, the new building enhances the quality and functionality of the interior throughout.

The roof pitches down to the south, preventing overshadowing of adjoining properties and assisting natural ventilation circulating through low and high level openings. An insulated floor slab with embedded hydronic heating coils and double glazed Jarrah (Class 2) windows, provides a low energy solution to achieve a high level of internal comfort. Steel mesh awnings are calculated to exclude summer sun and allow winter sun to penetrate the interior spaces, subsequently storing its heat within the thermal mass of the floor slab during the cooler months.

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Architect: Breathe Architecture

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