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Pedal-powered buses to promote green public transport

Suja Natarajan:

Bus Bike
Bus BikeBus Bike to promote green public transport.

Today, Mother earth is on the brink of a major bankruptcy due to the depletion of its natural resources, pollution and various other ecological issues. Despite concerted efforts continue to preserve and conserve our environment, the ecosystem continues to be shaky and has become a matter of grave concern. Noise, air, ground and water pollution not only affects our health but also contaminates the environments leading to hazardous ecological issues. With less time in hand, we can step up the efforts in protecting the environment. One of the ways is to reduce pollution by commuting in human powered transport. This transport uses the power of human muscle. Some of the Human powered vehicles (HPV) are cycling, ice skating, human-powered aircraft, roller skating, rowing, rickshaw, gondola, gurney and galley. There are also buses powered by human muscle alone. Read on to know about pedal powered buses that help to go one step towards a greener environment.

1. Human-powered (HP) Bus

HPBusBus takes 32 peddlers to promote green public transport

This 32-seater bus, spotted in Netherlands has been assembled by the students of WSV Simon Stevin students organization. It has been constructed on a truck chassis and uses 80 meters of bike chain. The bus is truly propelled by 32 people who pedal the vehicle and it weighs about 2500 kg.With twelve gears, you can travel at a speed of 20 kmph on this bus. It also has two reversing gears and has an empty weight of 2.5 metric tons. Powered by combined effort of 32 people, this bus is a good example of 'collective effort' towards protecting the environment.

2.De Cafe Racer's BSO vehicle:

De Cafe Racer's BSO vehicle
De Cafe Racer's BSO vehicleDutch De Cafe Racer's BSO vehicle to promote green public transport.

Parents need not worry about their child's lack of daily exercise. BSO vehicle by De Cafe Racer is a school bus pedaled by children. This bus, made of light weight materials, accommodates up to 10 children including an adult driver. The bus includes pedals in the seat such that the kids themselves trigger the vehicle. The driver has access to a secondary electric motor. This bus has been primarily designed to take care of the kids after the school. It provides a concept of pleasure coupled with team effort, exercise and fun to the children. Pedal power has made its presence felt in the world of cargo delivery. It also holds similar future for children's transportation.

3. Busycle:

BusyclePedal-powered bus for 15 people to promote green public transport

This bus has been constructed from an 11 passenger Dodge van that has been stripped to its chassis. Fourteen flat cycles have replaced the engine. Predominantly made of 100 percent re-cyclable materials such as office chairs, bicycles, bed frames and also plexiglass shield, Busycle was constructed in the year 2005 in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood. It is a geared vehicle and also has an option of going in reverse direction. It is a 15 seater and is hundred percent human powered transport system. It can travel at a speed up to 10 miles an hour. The Busycle needs individuals to use their own strength and will to commute between two points.

4. Bus Bike:

Bus Bike
Bus BikeBus Bike to promote green public transport.

Among the nature friendly transport system, Bus Bike or "bierfiets" is quite popular in Holland. It is a pedal powered vehicle more than just mobile pub. Travel to school can be fun and eco friendly with Bus Bike for school children. It can accommodate up to 15 commuters along with the driver. It has a compact driver seat with a steering wheel giving the control of the vehicle to the adult driver. Traveling by the Bus Bike not only inculcates the value of team work but also goes a long way in keeping the environment green.

5. City Cycle:

City Cycle
City CycleHuman Powered Bar on Wheels to promote green public transport.

Party and have fun in an eco friendly way. The City Cycle is a pedal powered transport where you can have party on wheels. It is sans a motor and accommodates 15 people including the driver. It also comes with adjustable seats. This vehicle is normally used for leisure day or night city tours, team building exercises or corporate events. It is a fully-equipped party vehicle with stereo system, LED lighting, ample beverage capacity and sufficient space for all the commuters. It drives at a maximum speed of 7 mph giving ample time for all commuters to relax and enjoy the party. The City Cycle is quite popular in Europe and Australia.


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