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Famous Actors Who Have Portrayed Twins (10 pics)

It isn't easy playing two characters in the same movie, but these talented actors managed to pull it off. 

Jeremy Irons As Beverly Mantle And Elliot Mantle In "Dead Ringers"

Nicolas Cage As Charlie Kaufman And Donald Kaufman In "Adaptation"
Leonardo DiCaprio As King Louis XIV And Philippe In "The Man In The Iron Mask"
Eddie Murphy As Kit Ramsey And Jefferson 'Jiff' Ramsey In "Bowfinger"
Lindsay Lohan As Hallie Parker And Annie James In "The Parent Trap"
Bette Davis As Kate Bosworth And Patricia Bosworth In "A Stolen Life"
Andy Garcia As Ruben Partida Martinez As Robert Martin In "Steal Big, Steal Little"
Matthew Modine As Henry Petosa And Freddy Ace in "Equinox"
Jean-Claude Van Damme As Alex And Chad Wagner In "Double Impact"
Bette Midler As Sadie Ratliff And Sadie Shelton In "Big Business"

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