Sunday, February 14, 2021

theonlymagicleftisart:Photography by Lídia Vives (b. 1991,...

“Blind” (2020) Lidia Vives

“The last one” (2020) THE STAGES OF A HEARTBREAK series Lidia Vives


Photography by Lídia Vives (b. 1991, Spain)

1. “Blind” (2020) 

Part of the Series: “The stages of a heartbreak”, this photograph speaks of the blindness that we all suffer when we fall in love with someone. How we idealize them, believing them to be perfect and without defects. And how we forgive any injury if they give us flowers later.

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2. “The last one” (2020) 

Part of the Series: “The stages of a heartbreak”. This photograph is about the blows that love gives and how they end up breaking a heart. Using Cupid’s symbolic arrows, I decontextualized them to refer to them as the love disappointments that we accumulate behind our backs.


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