Thursday, September 3, 2020

Nature Morte, Frederico PestilliFederico Pestilli conveys an...

Nature Morte, Frederico Pestilli

Federico Pestilli conveys an important message of truth. His ‘Nature Morte’ photoseries sheds light on the global environmental crisis, threatening life on earth and jeopardising the inherent beauty of the natural kingdom. 

Serving as a metaphor for humanity’s fragile connection to nature, this series features a collection of powerful images of flowers wrapped in plastic: a daisy covered by an empty bottle, a bouquet of roses clustered in a plastic sleeve, and a tulip stuck in a condom. These seem to struggle for survival against a backdrop of saturated blue skies.

‘Nature Morte’ is the ultimate still life: while utterly vivid at first glance, each work is an imperative reminder of the incessant destruction of our environment.

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** Text and Images sourced from Wallpaper **

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