Thursday, September 24, 2020

Featured work from Daniela GuerreiroDaniela Guerreiro is a 27...

Featured work from Daniela Guerreiro

Daniela Guerreiro is a 27 year old emerging artist residing in Lisbon.

“Throughout my work, I intend to explicitly convey insecurities that we all have. Oil painting allowed me to capture individual experiences that can be seen in several people who do not have the courage to expose them. Each of the paintings incorporates the concept of social exclusion, shame, depression, insecurity, pressure, violence, etc. We need diversity in the examples that surround us. And we all need a healthier relationship with our bodies and with our image. The use of unconventional models allows me to convey a hidden beauty between each one. A personal and global journey in search of health and body connection is my biggest goal with this collection of paintings.

“Naked Portaits”, my recent project, are the “naked and raw” portraits of each of us. I individualized social and personal problems, believing that each of us can overcome them. Movement, colors, dynamics are one of the characteristics present in most paintings, but life also shows us a darker part. Games of light and dark, transparencies also enrich my work. I am a contemporary artist passionate about life and people, so they are my biggest theme of representation.”

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