Tuesday, September 29, 2020

crossconnectmag: Ronch is a punk surrealist painter obsessed... crss


Ronch is a punk surrealist painter obsessed with details.

The main feature of my work is the meticulous attention to detail in microcosms crowded and dense with situations, through a miniaturist approach, supported by the use of a magnifying glass to define every square inch of the painting.

Urban contexts are dismembered in a dream-like swarm of architecture, forms and social relations disrupted, provocatively juxtaposed with no apparent order.
Childhood memories and paranoid nightmares are recomposed with graphite or color on canvas and paper, often through pareidolia, returning a duel between the freedom of the absurd and arbitrariness of the rule.

The masters that have most influence on my work ranging from Leonardo to The Clash, Brueghel, Dali, from Hieronymus Bosch to Dead Kennedys.

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