Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Outside the Walls, by Nicolas RIVALSHors les Murs is a study of... crss

Outside the Walls, by Nicolas RIVALS

Hors les Murs is a study of urban aesthetics, a research into the mundane of the city. Beyond the great architectural buildings, there are graphic flashes in the wall that make up the street that go beyond the will of the builder. The walls fascinate me so much they contain the whole paradox of human existence between the stable and the unstable. The wall arrangements that I show structure, channel, give a feeling of envelopment. They reassure as much as they lock up. Man builds the wall, the wall encloses the mind. It is at the cost of a saturation of space that the interweaving of lines hypnotize the gaze. Lines of flight give hope for a way out just as much as they force a direction. It is ultimately in the detail, in the infinitely small that disorder can regain its rights, that breaches can open.

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