Thursday, February 27, 2020

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Sculptures by Jang Yong Sun

Jang Yong Sun born 1980 in Seoul, Korea, earned his BFA and MFA in Fine Art, Sculpture at the University of Seoul, South Korea.

My artworks commence with the question ‘What is the origin of the life?’ and ‘How/Where does it exist?’ According to research on the origin of planets, dark matter and dark energy in the universe, astrophysics interpreted and reported that the molecule which constitutes the human body comes from the universe, and the origin of man are the stars of the universe(…) I try to visualize the cluster of cells which is the essential building block of life. When I work, I arrange the cross-section of pipes, then I repeatedly weld the pipes one after another to create a shape. In this process, I can see the pipes shaped like a cluster of cells. The compiled cross-section of pipes can appear as a variation of the minimum unit of an organic being. It represents the microscopically germinating and dividing cells of organic being. At the same time, it formulates the dark matters or planets of the universe that exists in the macrocosm.

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