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crossconnectmag: Juan Delcan & Valentia Izaguirre:  Playing...


Juan Delcan & Valentia Izaguirre:  Playing with Matches

NOTE:  These are gif versions of videos that can be seen in higher resolution and with sound on Instagram.

Juan Delcan & Valentia Izaguirre are a US based team of Multidisciplinary Visual Artists who have created many high profile campaigns for many high profile clients.  Juan was originally from Canada but grew up in Spain and Valentia is from Venezuela. They have created a popular series of short videos on Instagram that feature matches that ignite spontaneously at various times.  I asked Juan what prompted the creation of the match series and he said ‘The idea of the matches came to me the first time I was able to grab a pen and do a stick figure…. It was the very first thing I remember doing.’ 

These videos are sophisticated in their combination of live action and animation but also very witty.  Do a freeze frame near the end of the pipe image and you will see what I mean.

See Instagram version of these works. 

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