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crossconnectmag: Illustrations by Nick Sullo  Nick Sullo is a...


Illustrations by Nick Sullo 

Nick Sullo is a visual artist from Austin, California. Within the field of visual effects, he has contributed to projects such as Taboo, Netflix Stranger Things, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, San Andreas and Iron Man 3.  

I was born and raised in California where I went to art school and started my career in Visual Effects for Film. I started out as a fine artist since I was a kid doing illustrations, paintings, printmaking and started experimenting in digital when I was 12 and once I got my hands on a Wacom and a copy of Photoshop that my neighbor had in his music studio it took off from there. I’ve been doing VFX for about 8 years now and in 2015 got back into illustration and recently painting again. 

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