Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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Al Boardman:  Controlled Chaos

Al Boardman was originally from Liverpool and now resides in WInchester with his wife and two children where he works as a freelance Motion Designer.  According to Al  ‘I didn’t do well at school and didn’t especially enjoy my time there either’ but he did manage to become a completely self taught and highly accomplished motion designer  He originally started making gifs as a way of sharing work in progress for projects but this grew into a passion for the form in which he experimented with new techniques and forms of expression that he said was ‘ heavily influenced by the GIF-art movement that appeared to center around Tumblr.’  Al Boardman creates beautiful chaotic-seeming and yet controlled animations in which lots of bits, separately moving, somehow are part of a whole that gels together for a moment - and then flies apart again.

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