Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Frederik Vanhoutte:  Creative CoderFrederik Vanhoutte is a... crss

Frederik Vanhoutte:  Creative Coder

Frederik Vanhoutte is a Medical Radiation Expert based in Flanders, Belgium, and currently living in Bruges.  His background and work is physics and for his work he had often made simulations of models to test ideas.  But in 2004 he discovered the program ‘Processing’ and started using it to makes things for aesthetics, and not just science.  His gifs are compelling and enjoyable to watch and re-watch.  Frederik demonstrates natural aesthetic skill in his selection of color and motion in his presentation of these little machines.  He continues to make gifs, he says  because  “creative coding fuels my curiosity.,,,,it represents an important way of thinking about things, of answering questions.”

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