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Daniel Savage:  Visual RhythmDaniel Savage is one of the new... crss

Daniel Savage:  Visual Rhythm

Daniel Savage is one of the new breed of illustrators / animators who have emerged in the digital world in the last ten years.  Comfortable with both static and motion work, he has developed a unique style that has roots in the New Yorker style of illustration, a publication where he has been published many times.

Daniel’s background in music and design has helped to develop a look that can best be described as visual rhythm. Through the use of simple forms and wit, he is able to explain complex ideas. His work has been recognized by the ADC Young Guns, Webby Awards, and Society of Illustrators to name a few. He has taught at SVA and NYU, and created the film festival Yule Log 2.0.  His short animations have been selected as Vimeo staff picks multiple times.

See more of his work on his Instagram page here

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