Monday, September 30, 2019

crossconnectmag: Alida Sun:  Animation for Contemporary...


Alida Sun:  Animation for Contemporary Computational Protean Spaces

Alida Sun: “I’m from New York. I studied industrial design with an old school Bauhaus foundation. As to where I live now — that’s tricky since I’m location independent and my base tends to change, sometimes year to year. I build algorithms and interactive installations for my day job so to speak, albeit less experimental than the algorithms & installations I publish on my instagram and twitter.

I began making GIFs because I thought they were magic, sheer magic. I do believe they’re a unique art form. Also, I feel like I grew up on the Internet more than anywhere/thing else - GIFs are windows and reflections of my environment on deeply formative levels. My GIFs don’t always perfect loop and I don’t believe they have to necessarily- contemporary computational spaces are protean and the algorithms behind the scenes are shifting, sprawling assemblages that are often less than perfect in nature. I’m drawn to spaces and constructs that will interact and transform in ways that are unpredictable, even for their creator!

My tools mainly consist of whatever’s opensource…OpenFrameworks and Processing are my go-to’s.”

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