Thursday, August 15, 2019

Watercolors by APASH Anelia Pashova a.k.a. APASH is a freelance...

Watercolors by APASH

Anelia Pashova a.k.a. APASH is a freelance artist from Sofia, Bulgaria.

I graduated from the National Art Academy, specializing in Illustration, and I’m a member of “Society of animalists florists and scientific illustrators - SAFSI”. I grew up with a love of classical art. I love the pencil, a rubber, and a brush and I can’t replace that feeling with a tablet or computer. It’s not that I don’t use them daily, but I try to minimize their interference in my illustrations. Ink and watercolors are my favorite techniques. My work is obsessed with all kinds of animals. The dog drawings, besides the symbol of my style, are also a very emotional part of me. I see in them sincere souls with a rich palette of emotions and expressions. Infinitely inspiring, touchingly and funny creatures.    

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