Wednesday, August 21, 2019

crossconnectmag: S|PyroGif and The Fish Tank Effect Laurent...


S|PyroGif and The Fish Tank Effect

Laurent Fradet is a 35 year old Parisian who has for the past many years been working as a VFX artist in film and television but is now switching to vehicle design.  However, in a story I have seen played out many times, he has been bitten by the gif bug and now describes himself as ‘One more guy making gifs” on his Tumblr page.  He is in pursuit of making something ‘mesmerizing’ in what he calls ‘the Fish Tank Effect’.  In this particular slice of his very wide ranging work, the fish are the balls that flow through his beautifully realized 3D constructions.  See if you think that they are mesmerizing.  I bet you do. 

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