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The Art of Baptiste Hersoc Baptiste Hersoc is an artist born in...

The Art of Baptiste Hersoc

Baptiste Hersoc is an artist born in 1984 in Picardy, France.

Since I was little, I’ve spent my time thinking, imagining, dreaming. Creating images allows me to exteriorize this poetic dimension that illuminates my daily life. I combine disparate objects to deliver unusual sensations. This linking by associations of ideas is the language of dreams. In this spirit, I draw dreamlike visions, fruits of my unconscious. By means of these stagings, I want to show the human psyche in the face of his adventure. The elements represented belong to the symbolism of the body, objects of man, nature and sky. Drawing is central to the development of my images. I use it through traditional graphics techniques (oil painting, engraving, fresco, silkscreen) with the help of digital technology.

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