Sunday, June 30, 2019

Wavegrower:  Classic Geometric GifsWavegrower is the identity... crss

Wavegrower:  Classic Geometric Gifs

Wavegrower is the identity of Frédéric Vayssouz, who works as a math teacher in Cahors, France.  He is truly one of the great gif artists of what could be called the ‘Tumblr’ era of Gif Art from 2011-2017 or so,  You have seen and loved his gifs, you just did not know it was him,  Frédéric has been on hiatus from making gifs for about a year or more as he has focused on his work, but his influence can be felt among the great gif artists of today who carry on his tradition of elegant geometric loops that give you great pleasure to watch again and again.  

You can read an interview in which he discusses his work here

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