Paintings by Jean-Pierre RoyJean-Pierre Roy (b.1974 in Santa... crss

Paintings by Jean-Pierre Roy

Jean-Pierre Roy (b.1974 in Santa Monica, CA) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and teaches painting at The New York Academy of Art.

I want my paintings to be autobiographical, but without being portraiture. It gets back to this idea how do we frame these big events – essentially we use stories to fill in the gaps of the unknown, and in a sense that is what mythology has always been about. The masks in my paintings really connect back to this idea of personal myth-making. Part of it is also just a perceptual thing, that the second you put a face in the painting, that becomes the undeniable focal-point, and I wanted to keep the eye moving within in the piece. Your senses are finite and our desire to wanna access the objective world is almost always hindered by the limitation of our senses. So there is a way of cutting off the figures access to the world – to me, that was the flipping point, it is a mask and you cannot see the face, but more importantly, none of the figures can see out.

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