Wednesday, May 1, 2019

SubmissionFeatured Art by Olga Pokhodzey, a Saint-Petersburg... crss


Featured Art by Olga Pokhodzey, a Saint-Petersburg photographer.

The project “Growing into" is the series of self portraits about relationships between people and things. Our household stuff and other surrounding objects were made for our comfort and designed to help us in everyday life and our creative activity. But there is another side - sometimes we feel tied too tight with them, as if things appropriate us and we grow into them. I decided to show this metaphor literally. To get an effect of transparent body and objects growing into it, I shot with long exposure, quickly walking out of frame at a certain moment. Besides the theme of ingrowth, for me this series is about some kind of envy for the essence of objects: compared to human body, things are much more sustainable, at least passing of time is not so dramatic to them.

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