Sunday, May 12, 2019

Paintings by Tanya Shatseva Tanya Shatseva is a traditional... crss

Paintings by Tanya Shatseva

Tanya Shatseva is a traditional artist (Russia, 1990). Currently resides in Saint Petersburg creating acrylic paintings and illustrations in the genre of meta surrealism.

The majority of my works depict subjects in metaphysical scenes and states of twisted perception. Themes of the tricky human mind and one’s connection with supernatural, as well as literature, cosmology, and biology have always been intriguing and inspirational to me. These obsessions combined with personal esoteric experience led me to create surreal images that visualize ideas of the illusory world. Each piece I paint tells a fairy-tale, based on a true story, and gives breath to new images and ideas. All together my artworks form a never-ending series of dreams.

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