A Kyoto Hotel Styled to Minimalism PerfectionAlthough smack dab...

A Kyoto Hotel Styled to Minimalism Perfection

Although smack dab in downtown Kyoto, MOGANA Hotel emanates calm and serenity with its clean lines, subdued color palette, and glorious interplay of light and darkness.

Created by Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates, the interior design is sleek, fresh, and strikingly minimalist. Nods to tradition are balanced with contemporary concepts in order to connect guests with their destination.

Rooms are effortlessly refined sanctuaries where modern comforts meet reinterpreted aesthetics of the past. They vary in style, mood, and decor, but all boast floor-to-ceiling windows facing a vibrant vertical garden and thoughtful amenities such as Wi-Fi, luxurious SHIGETA cosmetics, and matohu zori (Japanese sandals).


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