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Tatiana Kamshilina’s Adorable Illustrated GifsTatiana... crss

Tatiana Kamshilina’s Adorable Illustrated Gifs

Tatiana Kamshilina (Tatiana KawKaw on Tumblr) is from Voronezh, a city in central Russia, and has a degree in architecture, and makes her living doing illustration and 3D visualization related to her degree.  However, she loved to draw, then learned to animate on the internet, and like many others became hooked, saying “….it’s like magic, seeing how your character becomes alive and starts moving on its own. Once you’ve made your doodles alive there’s no turning back!”  Within her delicate, childlike drawings and simple animations is great sophistication.  Her characters feel lifelike in the way they swing their legs or rock back and forth on a sled while reading and her looping is always seamless and clever.

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