Saturday, April 27, 2019

Sean Zellmer:  Gif TrancesNOTE:  These are gif representations...

Sean Zellmer:  Gif Trances

NOTE:  These are gif representations of Sean Zellmer’s work.  To see his work in native code visit his website or to see full motion video visit his Instagram page

Sean Zellmer (who identifies as lejeunerenard online) is originally from the Bay Area in California and has a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy.  He now lives in the Chicago area and works as a creative technologist.  He started making loops as a daily practice, ‘Inspired by the likes of Zach Lieberman and Beeple’.  He primarily creates his work with custom applications using webgl, and is one of the wave of current artists whose toolbox is code, and who create beautiful works of motion without art training or traditional tools.

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