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Dax Norman:  Psychedelic GifsDax Norman is a Texan:  Born in... crss

Dax Norman:  Psychedelic Gifs

Dax Norman is a Texan:  Born in Houston now residing in Austin teaching Art and Entertainment Technologies at the University of Texas at Austin.  He has an MFA in Art and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas, has made over 5000 gifs but now avoids social media because he feels it exploits artists.  Once you get past the blast of color and motion and confusion on his website you will find a highly evolved aesthetic and a distinct style.  Dax Norman’s work looks like it could have done in the late 1960′s, often using cultural references like the Mona Lisa or Batman or the Marlboro man as source material.  If computers in the 1960′s could play gifs Dax Norman’s colorful organic and psychedelic loops would definitely be on them.

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