Etienne Jacob:  New WorkEtienne Jacobs, who has been featured in... crss

Etienne Jacob:  New Work

Etienne Jacobs, who has been featured in Cross Connect before, is a 24 year old from France working on a Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics.  He saw the work of Wavegrower and was inspired:  He wanted to do the same kind of thing.  He succeeded.  Now you see his gifs all over Tumblr, and for good reason.  While they are generative based on math, they are also extremely seductive experiences for a viewer because he has a great sense of motion and design - and he makes great vortices.  Why just black and white?  Again, being inspired by Wavegrower, he said about other colors ‘I feel like it adds nothing, it is unnecessary’.  I have to agree.  His gifs are perfect for now, as is.

You can see more of his work at Necessary Disorder

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