Intricate Textile Figures by Raija Jokinen Finnish artist Raija... crss

Intricate Textile Figures by Raija Jokinen

Finnish artist Raija Jokinen works with textile and fiber materials. 

With my artworks, I am searching the interface of spirit and materials. Visually my works are based on physical human body and body parts, but the details don’t follow anatomy or physiology of the real body but offer unexpected variants. In my works, a human body represents more the soul and feelings instead of the physical substance. As materials for my works, I started to use paper yarns and proceeded to hand made paper made of flax among others. I proceed to use flax without the traditional papermaking techniques and researched the various other ways to treat it. The technique I’ve developed could be located in the meeting point of the techniques in painting, graphic art, hand made paper and textile.

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