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For a Designer Boutique Stay in South Tyrol, Gloriette...

For a Designer Boutique Stay in South Tyrol, Gloriette Guesthouse Ticks All the Right Boxes

Set amidst the magical alpine landscapes of South Tyrol, a scenic cable car ride from Bolzano, Gloriette Guesthouse boasts a spectacular cantilevered infinity pool overlooking the mountains.

Designed by Berlin studio NOA, the postcard-perfect Italian retreat blends locally inspired architectural details with chic urban styling, offering a spectacular rooftop spa, a deliciously sophisticated bistro, and a collection of sleek, panoramic rooms.

The interiors are both cozy and refined, with delicate blonde wood surfaces, sparse Art Deco-inspired furnishings, and a unique flea market treasure here and there. Large bay windows grace the wonderful suites drawing in glorious sunlight, while special touches like fireplaces, private gardens, and a dedicated library lend a dreamy luxe vibe to the spaces.

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