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Effortlessly Cool Design and Turkish Motifs Characterize TAKAVA...

Effortlessly Cool Design and Turkish Motifs Characterize TAKAVA Coffee-Buffet in Kiev

A hip coffee shop in the heart of Kiev, TAKAVA combines chic, modern design with hints of Turkish coffee culture to create a trendy, atmospheric place to hang out over coffee, either by yourself or with friends.

Developed by YUDIN Design studio, the two-story space is divided into several distinct areas that vary in style, atmosphere, and distribution. A fresh, refined palette of light wood, natural brick, and burning copper gives the interior a contemporary, laid-back vibe, while seats are wrapped in soft velour upholstery for a luxe oriental touch.

Cezve, the typical Turkish coffee pot, is the central element of the design concept and can be observed in various forms throughout TAKAVA, from the strikingly illuminated logo to the unique shape of the coffee tables to the original lamps adorning the café.

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