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The Art of TeniaBorn in 1986, in Sicily, exactly in Catania a... crss

The Art of Tenia

Born in 1986, in Sicily, exactly in Catania a baroque city par excellence. Tenia’s career starts as an illustrator/digital painter at the age of 25 years. This industrious man, art enthusiast since his childhood, is a self-taught illustrator who translates his overflowing imagination with the help of a drawing tablet and Photoshop.

Tenia tries to evoke and to transmit to the viewer that feeling of loss that we live today in this world of illusions, inclined to appear and transmit only what is easiest to emerge, not revealing the real moods that permeate and corrode the soul, where all are prisoners of an age that imposes constraints, which always end up showing fiction rather than reality. Tenia currently works as a freelance illustrator specialising in digital art, music artwork, commercial illustration, poster and apparel design.

The artist’s personal work starts with the desire to focus on the mortal condition of the human being, on the fragility and brevity of life that binds to the certainty of death, investigating the concept of “Memento mori”

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