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Erik Winkowski:  Childlike, Sophisticated Gif Art NOTE:  To...

Erik Winkowski:  Childlike, Sophisticated Gif Art

NOTE:  To appreciate Erik Winkowski’s work to it’s fullest, please go to his Instagram page.  While he is a true Gif artist in that what he creates are short motion loops, his work is video based and many of his pieces have sound.

Erik Winkowski is originally from NYC and lives and work in New Orleans as an Art Director.  His father was an illustrator of children’s books, which gives you some clue to his overall aesthetic, but only partly.  Like many gif artists, he told me he after he made his first animation he was hooked.  He uses his free time to create Gifs every day (again, like many Gif artists), using his iPhone and After Effects.  What he creates looks simplistic but is actually quite sophisticated:  He is deconstructing the computer created imagery that fill our eyes every day with clever design and childlike colors.  All those images and movies we see that look so real are often just layers of images laid one on top of another.  Despite the intellectualism behind this work, it is not an academic exercise.  None of this would work unless the imagery and motion was a pleasure to watch repeatedly, and it is.  Erik Winkowski makes us see this deconstruction through a child’s eyes.  His pieces are playful, colorful, exuberant. personal.

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