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Envision Habitat - Composite Photographs by Cheryl Medow

Cherly Medow is a very patient artist.  After a dozen years working on the project Envision Habitat she has produced a gorgeous record of large birds include egrets, hawks, spoonbills, and flamingos.  Her works are composites - she photographs the birds and she photographs backgrounds and then very carefully crafts them together in a work of art.

“By taking the bird out of its photographic environment, I can place other images around him to tell the story of where he is, or where I imagine him to be. When there is an ah-ha moment, I am almost finished. I do not think about it; I create it.”  Cheryl Medow via Slate

Cherly Medow’s work captures the birds in a perfect state, somewhere between reality and imagination.  Thanks to Culture Trip.

More art envisioned on our Facebook Page.  Posted by Lisa.

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