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Rivka-Kopelman:  Ravishing Glitch Gifs Felicie, a 28 year old...

Rivka-Kopelman:  Ravishing Glitch Gifs

Felicie, a 28 year old from Newfoundland is the ardent, impassioned creator of the feverish river of glitch gifs at Rivka-Kopelman.  To make money she is a freelancer in ‘various digital media practices’ but told me her life changed when she found a VHS camcorder in an E-waste warehouse and brought it to life, after which she was so excited she worked for 30 hours straight making gifs.  To her “broken files and obsolete tech are interesting to me,….there’s so much crazy potential in a broken TV ya know?”  What I do know is that she creates beautifully exotic supersaturated gifs that have a haunting quality.

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