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crossconnectmag: Sculptures by Richard Hudson Richard Hudson b....


Sculptures by Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson b. 1954, Yorkshire, is a British sculptor whose organic sculptures are shown internationally and collected widely. He is best known for his work in polished mirrored steel, bronze and marble with a number of monumental works on public display.

My sculpture begins with an idea that surfaces in my imagination unannounced and sometimes uninvited. I start modeling the plasticine, clay, plaster or other materials to give this kernel shape and form, then at this point the final work manifests itself and materializes in my hands. What I attempt to capture, to enclose, as a kind of homage, is a form around which on every surface it is possible to trace a continuous line that holds frozen in its moment, the flux, shape, and movement of the billions of particles that nature draws together from their unbridled chaos to create pure natural beauty…that is the essence of my practice…

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