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Collages by Ines KouidisInes Kouidis is an artist from Berlin,... crss

Collages by Ines Kouidis

Ines Kouidis is an artist from Berlin, Germany. She studied painting and drawing at the Free Academy of Art Berlin and joined the company of different groups of artists to exchange experiences and thoughts.

The fascination for movie stars, rock- and pop stars, fashion icons and also unknown people or vibrant Cities and their stories and History are the subject of my collages. Old newspapers, glossy magazines, posters and paper of any kind are my colors, my source. A new show is created a new look. I send the viewer on a journey through characters, careers, fortunes, dreams. 

My work gives me great pleasure - a feeling that I want to get across to the viewer. Each portrait is a journey of discovery. The paper is like a witness. Even the smallest scrap of paper tells a story and like through a puzzle I create a new appearance of the person.

 For more check out her website and Facebook.

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