Monday, August 6, 2018

Watercolors by Travis Bruce BlackTravis Bruce Black grew up in...

Watercolors by Travis Bruce Black

Travis Bruce Black grew up in Michigan, where he studied fine art there with some extraordinary teachers. In 2005 he moved to Albuquerque to continue his education at the University of New Mexico.

As I matured I acquired the urge to contribute.  So my primary aim is to create compelling work that brings joy, optimism, and mystery to other people’s lives: Art that expresses my lust for life and the simple exuberance of being. To express the fullness and my experience of life I try to work in visual paradoxes like straight lines vs. curved lines. I try to show the spectrum of difference between abstraction and naturalistic form to illustrate how layered reality is and to flesh out a more inclusive picture of what “real” feels like. 

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