Sunday, August 19, 2018

Featured work from María Castelló Solbes.María is an illustrator... crss

Featured work from María Castelló Solbes.

María is an illustrator living between Madrid and Berlin.

“I am an illustrator and visual artist. I have worked with publishing houses (Grup62, Editorial Teide), advertising agencies (HC Barcelona, Milvueltas, Ketchum), magazines (Calle 20, Yorokobu, Ling, La marea, Harpers Bazaar, Quimera, El País Semanal, M21), record labels (Jabalina), cultural collectives and institutions (Zemos98, Pandora Mirabilia, Medialab-Prado) and whenever I can, also in personal and collaborative projects….

After a few years in Madrid, I recently moved back to Berlin where I keep working as illustrator.”

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