Monday, July 30, 2018

really-shit: A Man Of The Crowd (Sameer Kulavoor)‘A man of the... crss


A Man Of The Crowd (Sameer Kulavoor)

‘A man of the crowd’ is a response to everything I have felt, seen and experienced in the last couple of years. The works have been informed directly or indirectly by elements from my surroundings, travels, everyday occurrences and tragedies, memory, news, social media noise, friends and family (and self in some cases) The impact of politics, economy, idea of development and smart cities – themes I have been dealing with over the last 2 years – have found their way into these works. A feeling of disillusionment, insignificance, futility and skeptical optimism about life in a metropolis.

Some of the important themes in this series were density, scale, friction, space and their relationships with each other in the context of the metropolis. That led me to work on a range of canvas sizes from 4 inches X 4 inches to 4 feet X 4 feet. Varying viewpoints and angles were also explored which required me to work in clusters or sets.

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