Saturday, July 21, 2018

Japanese Stone Artist Paints Realistic Looking Animals Onto... crss

Japanese Stone Artist Paints Realistic Looking Animals Onto Smooth Rocks

Japanese “stone artist” Akie Nakatas has used her amazing skills to paint realistic animals onto smooth rocks of all shapes and sizes. Akie’s entire collection of detailed animal paintings are available to view on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.  \Thanks Laughing Squid

I Want To Paint The Life, The Living Spirit Of The Being I Feel Inside The Stone-  Akie Nakatas

To me, stones are not simple materials or canvases for painting pictures on. Among all those numerous stones on a river bank, one stone, looking like an animal, catches my eye. When I find a stone, I feel that stone has found me too. Stones have their own intentions, and I consider my encounters with them as cues they give me it’s OK to go ahead and paint what I see on them.

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