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Glamour, Mystery, and Whispers of the Past – Palazzino Alvisi Is...

Glamour, Mystery, and Whispers of the Past – Palazzino Alvisi Is Pure Venetian Drama

Immerse yourself in a world of old-style glamour with a stay in one of Venice’s most spectacular private rentals.

Perched above the iconic Grand Canal, only a short stroll of St. Mark’s Square, art-filled Palazzino Alvisi offers memorable accommodation in 4 timelessly elegant bedrooms adorned with evocative stucco ceilings and speckled terrazzo floors. Although recently renovated by conservation architect Andrea Gaggia, the decor remains hauntingly Venetian, with opulent chandeliers, stunning antiques, and walls draped in precious silks.

The historical property is available for private rental four weeks a year and comes with spectacular reception rooms, a delightfully traditional kitchen, and a magical terrace facing the dramatic Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.

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