Friday, June 15, 2018

Matthias Brown:  Renaissance manMatthias Brown ( aka Traceloops... crss

Matthias Brown:  Renaissance man

Matthias Brown ( aka Traceloops ) does it all.  He creates artwork, often black and white drawings of faces, that become t-shirts, prints, embroidery, jewelry, and then animated gifs and videos.  He makes sculptures that double as printers, on which he creates flipbook animations.  He may be the first artist to create glitch art line drawings that then become needlepoint pieces;  but he is definitely the first artist to live create gifs of a sitting president’s Tumblr Q&A session in the White House (this is true.  look it up).  Here you can see a selection of his imaginative animated gif work.

At the bottom is a clip from his animation which will be shown as part of a concert on June 22 in Brooklyn.  Details here 

Matthias was nice enough to answer a few questions from me about the state of gif art, Instagram, and where he is taking his work next.  You can read that interview here on my blog ‘The Art of Animated Gifs’ 

More unique art on Cross Connect Magazine:

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