Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Watercolors by MÄ HarelMarie-Alice Harel is a French author and... crss

Watercolors by MÄ Harel

Marie-Alice Harel is a French author and illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was a Geosciences Ph.D. and researcher before jumping off the boat and becoming a full-time illustrator in 2016. She hasn’t looked back since and now dedicates her time and energy to develop ideas, techniques, and challenge herself with new projects. She likes to explore stories and images infused with wonder, the nostalgia of imagined worlds and a pinch of whimsy. Traveling around the world sharpens her curiosity and her interest in other people and cultures, widening her imagination. Her watercolors can be found in books, picture books, galleries, and magazines. She also creates artist books, another playful way to combine images and stories. Visit Instagram to see work in progress and other news. 

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