Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Derelict Hotel Torrence in Belgium Château Rouge ~ The Red...

The Derelict Hotel Torrence in Belgium

Château Rouge ~ The Red Castle : Update 2018

Located along Chemin de Saint-Loup 1, Huy, Walloon Region, Province of Liege, Belgium. 

Also know as Chateau Titantia or Chateau Bambi it was built in 1889. At one time a retirement home for the elderly. Later it was reinvented to a luxury hotel after World War II. Due to financial woes it was closed in 2009.

Scarce information is found online, maybe locals know more. Perhaps there will be hope of a renovation and re opening one day. It was not so so long ago abandoned. The exterior is brick and derives its nickname from the red painted walls. Tapestries decay along stairwell walls. Deterioration can be seen by the peeling wall paper and ceilings tiles that are falling in at spots. Rotting sofas, chairs, beds and more losing luster. Chandeliers and other decorative lights are laden in dust. A one of a kind place. It is below the Centrale Nucléaire de Tihange (A Nuclear Power Station) and is just on the out skirts of the Bois de Tihange (a beautiful forest).

Photos :  Flickr/maschinenmdchen and used from their previous license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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